Adzorb, with its very high absorbency of all liquids, oils, paints, acids and chemicals, is an ideal way to deal with those unexpected spillages. Adzorb is chemically non-toxic, non-abrasive, dust-free and anti-slip. Manufactured by COH Manufacturing, it is the only Irish made treated by-product that can effectively absorb all types of spillages, including most chemicals and molten aluminium.

Adzorb is environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic, safe to handle and will neutralise most acids. After use the area is easily cleaned and swept.

Spill Control with Adzorb

Adzorb can be used with a wide range of substances in a range of situations

  • Absorption of oil, petrol, paraffin, diesel and others is fast, clean and safe.
  • Adzorb neutralizes most inorganic acids. Tests are available on request.
  • Adzorb meets the specification of EN13501-1:2007.
  • Adzorb is dust free.
  • Adzorb is not granular therefore it is non-slip and will not roll under foot.
  • Adzorb is soft, non-abrasive and will not scratch sensitive surfaces e.g. laboratory benches, polished floors etc.

Prevent Accidents, Save Money

Preventative treatment is safer and more economical, spread a thin layer of Adzorb where surfaces are liable to get dirty or soiled. A protective barrier of Adzorb around machines will provide security and absorb spillages as they occur.

Certification / Data Sheet

Adzorb Certification (84.91 kB)

Adzorb Safety Data Sheet (46.24 kB)

Adzorb Skid Test (62.04 kB)